Sleep Apnea

We can help you evaluating your risk of sleep apnea and its related health consequences. You may have noticed you are not getting enough rest or feel groggily in the mornings even though you are sleeping through the night. Or you may be noticing your significant other is snoring or has interruptions in their breathing at night. This could be signs of Sleep Apnea. Sleep Apnea is the obstruction of the airway passages.

To receive a TAP appliance, the patient must receive a diagnosis from a Sleep Apnea test and be unwilling to wear a CPAP (facial mask). The TAP appliance is a great alternative to the CPAP. It is a mouthguard that is custom-fit. The mouthguard pushes the lower jaw forward allowing for the throat to open and allow air to pass through.

Though a snoring problem may sound silly, this can truly save one’s life! Sleep apnea creates a high risk for heart complications, create low oxygen in blood, be the cause for diabetes, increases your risk of a stroke and more.