Dental Crowns

We use a state of the art digital scanner for most crowns, which means no bulky impressions in your mouth!

What is a dental crown/bridge?

A crown or bridge is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a broken, damaged, or decayed tooth. They function as natural teeth. A bridge utilizes existing teeth to replace a space from a missing tooth.

How long is a dental crown procedure?

A dental crown procedure requires two visits. The first appointment consists of shaping the tooth to prepare it for the crown, taking a digital scan to create your new crown, and placing a temporary crown. A second appointment is needed approximately 2 weeks later where you will receive your permanent crown.

Is a dental crown procedure painful?

The tooth is numb during the procedure so it is not painful. There may be minimal sensitivity or gum soreness after the procedure.

Our Canton Park Dental team is renowned for our quality restorations. When it is determined that a patient should be provided with a crown, we understand the importance of providing a restoration that can protect the natural tooth and keep it from experiencing further damage. A crown is recommended when severe decay or breakage occurs leaving it beyond repair in itself. Crowns are perfect for repairing many dental problems and can permanently replace teeth in conjunction with a dental implant to maintain chewing, biting, and speaking efficiency. If you are coming in for a crown for the first time, no need to sweat! Our team is happy to go over the process with you. Dental crowns look completely natural while fixing the smile and improving the functionality of the teeth.

During your initial visit, you can expect our team to remove decay and reshape your tooth, then take impressions. We will place a temporary crown on the tooth until you return for the replacement of your permanent crown. The crown is then cemented into place. You can then begin enjoying your new, beautiful smile!