New Year, New Smile: Ring in 2019 with a Confident Smile

Every January, millions of people resolve to change their lives for the better in the new year. Often, their goals involve losing weight, getting more exercise, or similar healthy habits. But there is one resolution that could truly improve your health and your life in many ways – no gym required. It’s a resolution for […]

Online Real-Time Appointments Now Available

this video is using Provident Dentistry website, Facebook and Google pages example but same links are available for Canton Park Dental social media pages. Renae, our hygienist at Canton Park Dental, discusses new online appointment feature that is available for everyone now!

Dental Emergency While On Vacation: What to Do?

You’ve packed your bags, traveled to your destination, and are ready to enjoy your vacation until the unthinkable happens; you have a dental emergency. With millions of people expected to travel in the next week for the holiday season, we want to ensure you are covered before you jet off. Regular dental visits, booked at […]

How to Avoid Cavities During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is here – which means it is also a time for candy canes, popcorn balls, and other sweet treats – and this nonstop buffet of sweets can wreak havoc on your teeth. You can enjoy season sweets and still have a cavity-free smile to flash in festive photos. While everything is fine […]

Use it or lose it! Maximize Your Dental Benefits Before The End of the Year

When it comes to dental benefit plans, millions of people each year are ringing in the New Year leaving money on the table. According to the National Association of Dental Plans, only 2.8% of people with PPO dental plan participants reached or exceeded their plans annual maximum. Whether you’re paying for dental care through a […]

The Negative Effects of Mouth-Breathing

Why Does Mouth-Breathing Become A Habit? Many things can lead to a mouth-breathing habit. A small child might get a cold and then simply continue breathing through his mouth when his nose clears. A problem with bite alignment can make it difficult to keep the mouth closed. Persistent allergies, overlarge tonsils, or a deviated septum […]

Defeating Your Dental Anxiety

If you’ve been struggling with a fear of the dentist, that’s nothing to feel embarrassed about. Between 9 and 15 percent of Americans are so nervous about the idea of going to the dentist that they avoid it completely! But just because it isn’t uncommon doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Preventing serious dental problems through regular, […]

The Impact of Halloween Candy on Your Teeth

With Halloween comes ghosts, goblins and goodies — and the sugar in those treats can play some unwanted tricks in your teeth if you’re not careful. Here’s why: The bacteria in your mouth are probably more excited to eat Halloween candy than you are. When the bacteria eat the sugar and leftover food in your […]

Thumb-Sucking, Pacifiers, And Oral Health

The world is a big, new, confusing place for a young child, so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that they like having something familiar to help them cope. Sometimes this means a stuffed animal or favorite blanket they carry everywhere, but for many children, it’s a pacifier or a thumb. As parents, it’s […]

The Impact of Weight Loss On Oral Health

Brushing, flossing, tongue-cleaning, and regular dental visits are all crucial ways to keep your mouth healthy, but did you know that a healthy diet and weight management can also have a positive impact on oral health? How Weight Loss And Oral Health Correlate One way our oral health correlates to what we eat and our […]